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Arizona Quail Hunting Log - September 2009

Hunts: 18-19 September

18-19 September - Blue Grouse Hunt

Blue Grouse Hunting

Doug & The Shorthairs Going After Grouse

We set out for what would be our 3rd Grouse hunt in the last few years. One thing about Grouse that I've come to believe is that if you get birds you are either lucky or experienced. Last year Doug was fortunate enough to get into some birds and we hoped for the same fortune on this trip. Still, after three hunts I have not hunted Grouse enough to be experienced and so far I've been very unlucky.

Arizona Grouse Country

Looking Down On Springerville, Arizona

If not for the fact that you get to spend some time in some of the planets most beautiful country I wouldn't waist my time looking for Grouse.

Shorthair Pointing Grouse

Zeus Thinking He's Got One Pinned

White Mountain Hunting

Pistol on Point with Terra Backing

Upland Bird Hunting

Ice Pointing Into Some Berry Bushes

German Shorthair Pointing

T on Serious Point

We arrived up North in time for a good midday hunt. As we walked through the woods each dog in turn went on point in a likely place. Each time we were disappointed. The dogs looked great, but we never did see any birds on this walk. When we made it back to the truck we started to set up camp and got our tent up just as the rain began to fall. And it continued falling for about an hour and a half, soaking everything. We didn't have any dry wood, so it was fun building a fire and drying out wood for the night and the morning. Doug took his dogs on one more hunt before sundown, while I prepared coals for our stakes. He didn't see any birds. Stakes were great.

Training Bird Dogs

Johnny Pointing A Pigeon

I brought Johnny (pup born November 2008) along and in the morning we did some training with him and T. With the moist ground the scenting was great and the dogs did a fine job finding and pointing the pigeons we'd brought along.

After taking down camp we headed out for another hunt in the hopes that the looming clouds would pass. They didn't and as we were cutting through the woods a huge lighting strike followed quickly by the thundering boom shook the mountain and sent a ton of rain dropping right on top of us. We humped back over the mountain back to the truck and moved to a new location. This last walk seemed promising, but once again we were disappointed and found no birds. Can't wait until next time.

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